Pancake Races Roundup

£280 raised by having some ‘flipping’ good fun

Despite the lack of spring sunshine, the crowds gathered for this popular school and community event expertly organised by The Friends of Kennet Valley School.

The races were slick and competitive with some successful and less successful pancake flipping on route to the finishing line to the encouraging cheers of the spectators!

It was all great fun and everyone was able to warm up inside with hot drinks in the pop-up café where a fine selection of fresh pancakes were available with a choice of scrumptiously sticky fillings in addition to the traditional lemon and sugar option.

Thank you to The Friends – once again they pulled off a super social occasion for everyone to enjoy. A great success indeed!

Carolyn Gittins – Parent & Govenor

QuickSticks Winners!

Well done team.

Kennet Valley entered three teams into the local QuickSticks tournament and had an excellent day!

Each group showed excellent sportsmanship and teamwork during each game. Pushing each other to be the best and score lot’s of goals.

Blue team made it to the final and took on Oare finishing with a 2:1 win! Well done team!

Green team followed in 2nd place and Red in 5th – We are so very proud of your accomplishments.

Handball Festival Champions

1st place for Kennet Valley

What a fantastic day at the Handball Festival. This festival was full of fun and energy, Handball is fast paced and a great multi skilled sport.

All wearing their team tops you could feel the excited nerves from all 10 children. They took themselves to each game with enthusiasm and were superbly behaved.

Our first game was against Oare, the first half they were finding their feet, but after the half time team talk from Mrs Blackmore, they all showed how brilliantly they can play. They had 2 more games to play, winning both. They reached the final playing the winners of group B – Ogbourne.

They were nervous before the game but determined to win the final. They did, showing great sportsmanship and making everyone extremely proud.

Well done team!

On the 14th of February me and 9 of year 4 went to the handball festival. During the 1st half of the 1st game we didn’t play very well but things got easier. Game 2 was much better and we got better through the rest of the competition. We played against Ogbourne St George Primary School in the final and won 11 – 6. Harry was asked to lift the shield at the end and he took it back to school.

Report by Arthur

Kingswood 2019

All of it is awesome. Love to go again

This week The Year 6 children set off to the Isle of Wight for their residential at Kingswood. It has been fantastic to hear about all the adventures that they have been having while they have been away.

Some of the activities that they have taken part in are whizzing through the air on the zip wire, exploring the beach on an adventure, defending themselves and their team during fencing and Laser Quest and showing their courage during the abseiling. They have also been challenged to design and build during the bottle rockets and scrap heap activities.

All the group have pushed themselves to achieve more and have worked really well as a team throughout all the activities.
Staff, both from Kennet Valley and Kingswood, have commented about what polite and positive children we have at the school, and I feel really proud of them for this.

Comments from the children included;

I loved Kingswood because of the funny staff and the 3g swing because it went so high.


I enjoyed the 3G swing the best and the zip wire because they went really fast and made me pull a funny face as I swung along.


I think the zip wire was the best because it goes fast and it feels like you are flying.


Kingswood was really fun and I really enjoyed it. My favourite bit was the 3G swing.


At Kingswood we had lots of fun and at first I thought some of the activities would be hard, but actually they were easy and a challenge at the same time. I had the time of my life.


Open The Book – Collective Worship

‘Open The Book’ collective worship led by Foxes Class

On Wednesday 6 Feb a group of Year 5 and 6 from Foxes class led our Collective Worship in the first ‘Open the Book’ session of the year. ‘Open the Book’ is a nationwide Collective Worship initiative usually run by local volunteering parishioners. But here at Kennet Valley the children have taken the initiative to run it themselves, the only child led ‘Open the Book’ in the country (That we know of..!).

The children took the challenge in their stride and led a confident, thought-provoking and engaging Worship session. Based on the story of the ‘Ten Lepers’, the Open the Book team retold the story with accompanying actions, a poem and well thought out questions to the audience.

The younger children in return responded with excellent and considerate answers demonstrating the ingrained Christian ethos which is present throughout the whole school community. It was wonderful to see the support from parents too in the audience and we look forward to welcoming everyone to the next Open the Book session at Easter!
Miss Hughes

“On Wednesday 6th February 2019, I attended an ‘Open the Book’ assembly, this was led by a group of year 5 & 6 students. They confidently led the retelling of a story about Jesus healing the lepers, reciting a poem and also engaging the younger children in the audience by asking questions around what their thoughts were about this story. They showed themselves to have a meaningful understanding of the topic in the questions and answers received, they rewarded the younger children enthusiastically when a question was answered correctly with house points and raffle tickets. They also led the school and audience with The Peace and lighting of the candle. This was the first Open the Book assembly and was very enjoyable to watch the children, I look forward to the next one.”

Liz Jones (Parent)

Music Week – 4-8 Feb 2019

What a fantastic week! I could not stop smiling!

The Samba workshop was an epic success, and it was clear that all classes enjoyed working with Raz. The children learned the names of different Brazilian instruments and worked together to create an ensemble piece of music that raised the roof of the school hall. “I loved following the hand signals – the rumble was my favourite bit”.

There was a wealth of opportunity for the children to access music throughout the week and we even managed to link it with Writing, RE, Art and Numeracy. Each class experimented with different instruments, including using garage band on the iPads. Everybody loved performing and you could sense the creative buzz throughout the school. Even the science was linked to music with several sound investigations taking place.

Jo Sercombe returned with her gospel workshop and inspired the children to learn traditional songs as well as tunes from Disney. I have always been proud of our school’s singing and Thursday was no exception.

I hope parents enjoyed the showcase sessions and it was fantastic to see so many friendly faces supporting our children.

Some comments from parents after the two showcases were;

“Amazing rhythm and listening to know when to play their parts. Really fantastic”

“Samba Workshop and showcase! Brilliant, fantastic and awesome – what a fab way to start off music week! Another lift for KVS”

“Great to see their talents nurtured”

“Very uplifting – they brought a big smile to my face”

We topped the week off with the Friends of KVS hosting our first ever ‘Silent Disco’. This proved to be an excellent success for both children and volunteers. There is nothing funnier than walking into a busy room, filled with the sound of children dancing to their choice of song with no music to be heard. Definitely one to do again.

Thank you to everybody who supported Music Week, and hopefully it will be here to stay.

Miss Chalker

Claire Perry MP Visits School

The Rt Hon Claire Perry MP made a very welcome visit to Kennet Valley School.

On Friday 25 January we were very excited to welcome Claire Perry MP to visit our lovely school.
The school council gave her a tour around the school and she spent most of her visit talking with the children in the various classrooms. Whilst on her way around the school she enjoyed listening to Foxes class (Yr 5 & 6) singing, seeing Hedgehogs (R & Yr 1) building a train track that was snaking its way around the corridors and also met our new arrivals the Maths Monkeys.

She then joined Otters (Yr 4) and Foxes to talk about what it was like to be an MP. She spent loads of time answering their questions, not only about her job but also about other aspects of her life, such as what her favourite animals were, where she would like to travel to and what other jobs she would have liked to have done. One of Foxes children even asked her about Brexit. It was fantastic to see our children ask such thoughtful questions and as always I am very proud of them all.

At the end of her visit I, and several members of the Governors, were very lucky to spend some time talking with Claire about our wonderful school, our next improvements and plans, and also wider education issues that are happening today.
I would like to say a huge thank you to her for coming to visit our school and very much hope that she comes back soon for another visit.

Mrs Russell
Head Teacher

The Maths Monkeys Have Landed

We are very excited to welcome some new members to our school, The Maths Monkeys.

The Maths Monkeys land.

This morning, Seven Maths Monkeys- Molly, Marvin, Malcolm, Matilda, Mavis, Mildred and Marky Mark arrived at Kennet Valley in a wicker basket. As you can imagine, this caused great excitement.

Each year group has a Maths Monkey to look after and the children will have the opportunity to take him or her home with them and do some Maths!

When the Maths Monkey comes home with your child, please could they do a maths activity together and record it in the Maths Diary.

There will be some examples of tasks in the front of the diary but please feel free to think of your own if you wish – most importantly have fun doing Maths! Featured on Marlborough News Online, click here.

What a great result for Kennet Valley School and the Trussell Trust

12 overflowing baskets delivered.

We recently delivered 12 overflowing baskets of donations of non-perishable food and toiletries to the Trussell Trust Devizes Food Bank, which were most gratefully received.  Mrs Russell says… “This was a tremendous result for our small school with contributions from villagers in Lockeridge too – everyone really got behind this initiative and so much more was donated than we were expecting! We will be doing this again because parents and children tell us they want to do the same for Christmas 2019 in addition to our annual harvest donations.” 

Four pupils were selected to deliver the items with Mrs France and Mrs Gittins ( parent and School Governor)  and learnt more about this project, how the products are received and organised in the centre and the valuable role it plays for local people in need. They learnt that The Trussell Trust runs a network of over 420 foodbanks, which work out of more than 1,200 centres across the UK and provide emergency food to people referred for support. In the last year the network gave 1,332,952  three day emergency food supplies to people in crisis. 

The children said they were amazed to see how much had been donated at school and impressed to see even more donated goods  stored at the centre ready for distribution. They helped to unpack the baskets and said they  hoped that the goods would be useful and that they could bring more items back another time.

Mrs France who led this project reports… “In the spirit of kindness and generosity that we explored with our pupils last year, this really was a great practical way of showing how easily we can help other people. I am delighted to hear that some of our school families plan to make regular donations now as a result of this school project – what a fantastic additional outcome! Thank you to everyone in our school family for enthusiastically embracing this initiative.” The story was followed here by the Gazette & Hearld.

Kennet Valley Supports Trussell Trust

Christmas appeal for the pupils and neighbours of KVS

Mrs Russell, Headteacher tells us that at Kennet Valley School for Christmas they have launched a new initiative this year,

” I am very pleased to report that we are all participating in a ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’ this Christmas. The idea of this is, that rather than the children opening an advent calendar and receiving a gift, they are being encouraged to bring in specific items that will be donated to the Trussell Trust, which is a charity that provides a food bank for those locally in need.  Each child from each of our four classes will be asked to bring in three items from 4th December, thus completing our 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar using 12 baskets for specially requested items.”

Mrs France, Teaching Assistant, was responsible for putting this idea into action and tells us,

“The 12 items we are requesting range from toothpaste and toiletries to tinned rice pudding, sponge pudding and tea bags. The villagers in Lockeridge have been invited to join in too with these offerings and already items are appearing at school from our neighbours which is just great!”


Mrs Russell explains that,

“The children have been learning about generosity and kindness this term and we are pleased to give them the opportunity to put this into action working together as a whole school and especially at Christmas time when we need to remember those people who will be struggling locally and less fortunate than ourselves.”