The Maths Monkeys Have Landed

We are very excited to welcome some new members to our school –

The Kennet Valley Maths Monkeys!

This morning, Seven Maths Monkeys- Molly, Marvin, Malcolm, Matilda, Mavis, Mildred and Marky Mark arrived at Kennet Valley in a wicker basket. As you can imagine, this caused great excitement.

Each year group has a Maths Monkey to look after and the children will have the opportunity to take him or her home with them and do some Maths!

When the Maths Monkey comes home with your child, please could they do a maths activity together and record it in the Maths Diary.

There will be some examples of tasks in the front of the diary but please feel free to think of your own if you wish – most importantly have fun doing Maths!


We recently delivered 12 overflowing baskets of donations of non-perishable food and toiletries to the Trussell Trust Devizes Food Bank, which were most gratefully received.  Mrs Russell says… “This was a tremendous result for our small school with contributions from villagers in Lockeridge too – everyone really got behind this initiative and so much more was donated than we were expecting! We will be doing this again because parents and children tell us they want to do the same for Christmas 2019 in addition to our annual harvest donations.” 

Four pupils were selected to deliver the items with Mrs France and Mrs Gittins ( parent and School Governor)  and learnt more about this project, how the products are received and organised in the centre and the valuable role it plays for local people in need. They learnt that The Trussell Trust runs a network of over 420 foodbanks, which work out of more than 1,200 centres across the UK and provide emergency food to people referred for support. In the last year the network gave 1,332,952  three day emergency food supplies to people in crisis. 

The children said they were amazed to see how much had been donated at school and impressed to see even more donated goods  stored at the centre ready for distribution. They helped to unpack the baskets and said they  hoped that the goods would be useful and that they could bring more items back another time.

Mrs France who led this project reports… “In the spirit of kindness and generosity that we explored with our pupils last year, this really was a great practical way of showing how easily we can help other people. I am delighted to hear that some of our school families plan to make regular donations now as a result of this school project – what a fantastic additional outcome! Thank you to everyone in our school family for enthusiastically embracing this initiative.”

Kennet Valley Supports Trussell Trust


Mrs Russell, Headteacher tells us that at Kennet Valley School for Christmas they have launched a new initiative this year…” I am very pleased to report that we are all participating in a ‘Reverse Advent Calendar.’ The idea of this is, that rather than the children opening an advent calendar and receiving a gift, they are being encouraged to bring in specific items that will be donated to the Trussell Trust, which is a charity that provides a food bank for those locally in need.  Each child from each of our four classes will be asked to bring in three items from 4th December, thus completing our 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar using 12 baskets for specially requested items.”

 Mrs France, Teaching Assistant, was responsible for putting this idea into action and tells us “The 12 items we are requesting will be donated range from toothpaste and toiletries to tinned rice pudding, sponge pudding and tea bags! The villagers in Lockeridge have been invited to join in too with these offerings and already items are appearing at school from our neighbours which is just great!”

Mrs Russell explains that, “The children have been learning about generosity and kindness this term and we are pleased to give them the opportunity to put this into action working together as a whole school and especially at Christmas time when we need to remember those people who will be struggling locally and less fortunate than ourselves.”

Remembrance with the Community

Pupils and teachers of Kennet Valley School, Lockeridge joined with many members of the community young and old on Sunday November 11th for an outdoor Service of Rembrance and commemoration of 100 years from the end of the war in 1918. This included a tree planning ceremony as a dedication to create a living memory of trees for the World War One fallen from the surrounding villages. Three pupils were selected to read their poignant poems and prayers as part of the ceremony led by Rvd. Maria Shepherdson including representation from the Parish Council and ex- servicemen. The names on the war memorials from West Overton, Fyfield and East Kennet were read out. 


The Friends of Kennet Valley provided a magnificent afternoon tea for all those attending afterwards and the schoolchildren sang WW1 songs to an appreciative audience! The children enjoyed meeting older soldiers and villagers who shared their war memories and were able to thank them for what they did during the war.  


Mrs Russell Headteacher says she was …”delighted that so many children and their families attended and could remember the many lives lost by  local families  and give thanks together. The children have worked hard this term in their history , literacy and RE in learning about and reflecting on the wars  and I was very proud of the level of writing they achieved to commemorate this. It is so important that our children and their children in years to come remember the sacrifices made in the wars and that this impacts positively on their attitudes and beliefs.”

Support our Reverse Advent Calendar

At Kennet Valley School for Christmas, we are all participating in a  

‘Reverse  Advent Calendar’

The idea of this is, that rather than the children opening an advent calendar and receiving a gift, they are being encouraged to bring in specific items that will be donated to the Trussell Trust, which is a charity that provides a food bank for those in need.

Each child from each of our four classes will be asked to bring in three items, thus completing our 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar.

We would like to invite you to join in with our Advent Calendar.

The 12 items that we are hoping that will be donated are:

  1. Tinned sponge pudding
  2. Tinned meat
  3. Tinned fish (not tuna)
  4. Toothpaste
  5. Toothbrush
  6. Shower Gel
  7. Snack pots (noodles, pasta etc.)
  8. Tea bags or coffee
  9. Tinned fruit or vegetables (not beans)
  10. Tinned rice pudding or custard
  11. Packets of biscuits
  12. Pasta sauce

If you would like to join us in giving to those in need, please drop any of the above items in to school by Wednesday 19th December 2018.

Should you wish us to collect any donations from you, we would be happy to do so.

Please contact the office on 01672 861202.

Thank you

Kennet Valley School

IntraSport Festival 17th October 2018

We have held our first Intra-Sport Festival for Kennet Valley School.





Year 4, 5 and 6 competed against each other in Netball and Dodgeball tournaments.

This was an excellent opportunity to see how the children’s skills have developed over the past few week and gave them an opportunity to explore sportsmanship on the pitch.

A great event enjoyed by all – Now for our School Cluster Festivals!


History Week Part One

We have had a superb History week at Kennet Valley School.





From Egyptians, to Victorians, to present day – our week has been jam packed!










All of the classes have explored different eras of time and have experienced lots of hands-on activities.

We have had visits from The Wiltshire Museum to explore dinosaurs & fossils, Vikings, Romans and we even got to handle lots of historical artifacts.

“It was amazing and I found out that they get buried underground with their things” – Nell, Year 3.

Our School Governor Dan Miles, who luckily for us is an archaeologist, has shared lots of artifacts  from countless time periods. he has even led talks in Badgers Class as well as exploring the East Kennett Long barrow with Otters Class and the Avebury Stones with Foxes Class.






















We have also visited Avebury Manor and the Marlborough Library to learn how we can access history and resources in our local area.










Everybody has enjoyed all of the activities so far. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week to see what else we get up to!