Music Week – 4-8 Feb 2019

What a fantastic week! I could not stop smiling!

The Samba workshop was an epic success, and it was clear that all classes enjoyed working with Raz. The children learned the names of different Brazilian instruments and worked together to create an ensemble piece of music that raised the roof of the school hall. “I loved following the hand signals – the rumble was my favourite bit”.

There was a wealth of opportunity for the children to access music throughout the week and we even managed to link it with Writing, RE, Art and Numeracy. Each class experimented with different instruments, including using garage band on the iPads. Everybody loved performing and you could sense the creative buzz throughout the school. Even the science was linked to music with several sound investigations taking place.

Jo Sercombe returned with her gospel workshop and inspired the children to learn traditional songs as well as tunes from Disney. I have always been proud of our school’s singing and Thursday was no exception.

I hope parents enjoyed the showcase sessions and it was fantastic to see so many friendly faces supporting our children.

Some comments from parents after the two showcases were;

“Amazing rhythm and listening to know when to play their parts. Really fantastic”

“Samba Workshop and showcase! Brilliant, fantastic and awesome – what a fab way to start off music week! Another lift for KVS”

“Great to see their talents nurtured”

“Very uplifting – they brought a big smile to my face”

We topped the week off with the Friends of KVS hosting our first ever ‘Silent Disco’. This proved to be an excellent success for both children and volunteers. There is nothing funnier than walking into a busy room, filled with the sound of children dancing to their choice of song with no music to be heard. Definitely one to do again.

Thank you to everybody who supported Music Week, and hopefully it will be here to stay.

Miss Chalker

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