School Council

“Hi we’re the leading three children of the School Council. We can’t wait to help fund raise for the school and charities across the country. To us, everybody’s ideas are important, so we promise to listen to everyone. We will discuss what we need to make the school better and do as best as we can to make it happen.”

By Archie, Tamzin and Thomas

School Council Minutes – 20th September 2018 

Kennet Valley are very proud of our School Council.

They work incredibly hard to organise and run school events, that help us raise money for the children.

After a busy week of School Council Elections – We can now Introduce our new representatives.


Each representative was presented with a certificate and badge by Ali Jones, one of our governors, who works closely with the school council.








Year 6 Chair: Archie

Year 6 Secretary: Thomas

Year 6 Treasurer: Tamzin

Reception: Toby

Year 1: Henry

Year 2: Olivia

Year 3: Susie

Year 4: Ollie

Year 5: Felix

Year 6: Lily

Staff: Mrs Sarah Hues & Mrs Helen Bushnell