The Maths Monkeys Have Landed

We are very excited to welcome some new members to our school, The Maths Monkeys.

The Maths Monkeys land.

This morning, Seven Maths Monkeys- Molly, Marvin, Malcolm, Matilda, Mavis, Mildred and Marky Mark arrived at Kennet Valley in a wicker basket. As you can imagine, this caused great excitement.

Each year group has a Maths Monkey to look after and the children will have the opportunity to take him or her home with them and do some Maths!

When the Maths Monkey comes home with your child, please could they do a maths activity together and record it in the Maths Diary.

There will be some examples of tasks in the front of the diary but please feel free to think of your own if you wish – most importantly have fun doing Maths! Featured on Marlborough News Online, click here.

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