Claire Perry MP Visits School

The Rt Hon Claire Perry MP made a very welcome visit to Kennet Valley School.

On Friday 25 January we were very excited to welcome Claire Perry MP to visit our lovely school.
The school council gave her a tour around the school and she spent most of her visit talking with the children in the various classrooms. Whilst on her way around the school she enjoyed listening to Foxes class (Yr 5 & 6) singing, seeing Hedgehogs (R & Yr 1) building a train track that was snaking its way around the corridors and also met our new arrivals the Maths Monkeys.

She then joined Otters (Yr 4) and Foxes to talk about what it was like to be an MP. She spent loads of time answering their questions, not only about her job but also about other aspects of her life, such as what her favourite animals were, where she would like to travel to and what other jobs she would have liked to have done. One of Foxes children even asked her about Brexit. It was fantastic to see our children ask such thoughtful questions and as always I am very proud of them all.

At the end of her visit I, and several members of the Governors, were very lucky to spend some time talking with Claire about our wonderful school, our next improvements and plans, and also wider education issues that are happening today.
I would like to say a huge thank you to her for coming to visit our school and very much hope that she comes back soon for another visit.

Mrs Russell
Head Teacher

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