Viking Re-enactment

Year 2 & 3 children re-created a Viking Battle

Our Year 2 and 3 children in Badger Class, here at Kennet Valley School, have been investigating what life was like during the time of the Vikings. Always a popular topic with the children, especially when they get to put their design skills to the test and create their own Viking shield. As a class, we discussed why the Vikings might need a shield, looked at different shield designs and why they might need to be painted in bright colours. With kind donations of cardboard from parents, we set about using a pin and string to draw a circle.

From this, the children drew some excellent designs and then painted them in the bright colours you see in the photo. Seeing a break in the weather, we stepped outside and attempted our very own Viking shield wall. The bright spectacle would be enough to intimidate any Saxon foolishly wanting to pick a fight with this motley crew of Vikings!

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