Welcome to Harriers’ class page

We are a mixed class of Year 4s and Year 5s.

Our class teacher is Miss Hogan and our teaching assistant is Mrs Bushnell.



A typical week in Harriers

Each morning, we have focussed Guided Reading, English and Maths sessions. 

In the afternoon, we have Collective Worship each day and Topic lessons (which include either Science, Geography, History, Computing, Art, D&T or Music) as well as weekly French, RE, PE and PSHE lessons. 

Every Wednesday afternoon we walk up to the Kennet Valley Hall for PE. Please can children come to school dressed in their PE kit. 


Times Tables 

In Harriers, we practice our times tables daily to help us with our work in maths.  

Take a look at these ideas which you can do at home. 

  • Chant the tables. At school, we say the biggest number first e.g ‘Four 1s are 4, Four 2s are 8, Four 3s are 12, Four 4s are 16, Five 4s are 20, Six 4s are 24.

  • Quiz your child with quick fire questions. This could be while making dinner or in the car. 

  • Sing and dance to the songs on BBC Super Movers

  • Play and complete the 5 step activities on timestables.co.uk

  • Play games on mathsframe.co.uk  


What we are learning in:

Term 4

Curriculum Overview

Knowledge Organisers 

Knowledge Organiser information/ how you can use them at home to support your child’s learning

Design and Technology – Food and Nutrition

Term 4 News

In our Guided Reading sessions we have been reading Pax by Sara Pennypacker. Pax is a fox who was rescued by ‘his boy’ Peter as a kit. When the country goes to war, and Peter’s dad enlists, he is forced to move in with his grandfather and leave Pax behind. Before Peter spends even one night under his grandfather’s roof he sneaks out into the night, determined to find his beloved friend. The story follows their journeys back to each other as war rampages throughout the country.

We used this story in our English writing sessions to write a balanced argument.

Should Peter’s Dad have abandoned Pax?

They really impressed me with their ideas for both for and against this idea.

This term we also wrote some acrostic poems based on The Dene and illustrated them using watercolours. They look beautiful on display outside our classroom.

In Maths we have been learning about fractions. This has included adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions as well as finding fractions of amounts. Using their knowledge of equivalent fractions, they have been answering the sums in their simplest form. They have persevered and shown resilience with some new and tricky concepts.

Every week we have walked to The Dene where we have been able to take our learning out of the classroom.

As a class, we thought and discussed about what we wanted to learn. These sessions were then planned on the children’s interests.

We started off looking at map skills. We used an Ordnance Survey map to navigate from school to The Dene. At the Dene, we used our clipboards to roughly sketch a map of the area- taking into consideration any landmarks and the elevation of the ground. At school, we were able to compare our map sketches to the satellite google map.

This term, Harriers had their second workshop day in school with the Thinking Music team. They worked incredibly hard to finish their school song and are looking forward to performing it in Bristol University in June with the other two schools that are also participating in the project.

As well as their school song, they also composed a song about space. This included a catchy chorus as well as some amazing soundscapes where they used different percussion instruments to tell a story about visiting the moon and Mars.

Thank you to everyone who was able to make our Thinking Music Collective Worship where we were able to celebrate everything we have accomplished so far.


Term 3

Curriculum Overview

Knowledge Organisers 

Knowledge Organiser information/ how you can use them at home to support your child’s learning

Science – Earth and Space

History – The Anglo Saxons

Term 3 News 

In English, our focus book this term was, ‘Curiosity, The Story of a Mars Rover’. Using this book as inspiration, they produced some amazing narratives about being the first human to visit Mars, and wrote some creative newspaper articles to record this event. The children particularly impressed me with their vocabulary and word choices!

They enjoyed extending their knowledge about Space in their Guided Reading sessions where we enjoyed reading the National Geographic Kids, Everything Space book and Neil Armstrong’s biography from the Little People, Big Dreams series.

In Maths, we started this term with our Multiplication and Division block. The children worked hard to grasp new concepts and written methods. We used place value grids and counters to support us with our learning.

We are currently learning about fractions and will continue this after half term.

In Science, Harriers learnt about Earth and Space and worked towards answering the enquiry question, ‘Do you think it’s possible for humans to survive on any other planet in our solar system?’

They created mnemonics to help them remember the order of planets from the sun, and researched the eight planets in our solar system to gain an insight as to what it is like there. The children worked in groups to explain and model why we have day and night on Earth and why the moon looks different each night. They also learnt about orbits and gravity.

Harriers worked together to create a Powerpoint Presentation to share what they learnt in their Earth and Space block. They were excited to present this to the rest of the school and their parents during their Class Collective Worship. 

Mrs Bushnell and I were so proud of their teamwork skills and were very impressed how they organised themselves into different roles: taking into consideration their different strengths and what they each wanted to contribute. The children prepared and delivered this with very little adult support.

In our Monday PE sessions, we have been taught yoga by Mrs Diwell. The children have learnt and practiced breathing techniques as well as learning different poses. A massive thank you to Mrs Diwell for leading these sessions.

“I like that it is really calming and that we got to learn new poses.” Saffron

I like the poses. My favourite pose is ‘tree’. It was tricky but I managed to keep my foot on my leg and balance.” Freya

This term Harriers had their first workshop with the Thinking Music team. The children met and worked with three University of Bristol music students, who brought and shared their instruments: keyboard, violin and flute.

Two other schools are taking part in this project and the children composed a verse to contribute towards a Shared Song. As well as playing different rhythmic games, Harriers also started composing a song about Earth and Space together. 

Alice, the founder of Thinking Music, was delighted with their enthusiasm, creative ideas and input. We hope you can join us at our next class Collective Worship where we will be performing what we have been working on.

Term 2

Curriculum Overview

Knowledge Organisers 

Knowledge Organiser information/ how you can use them at home to support your child’s learning

Geography – Local Area Study – Map skills

Art – Roman mosaics

Music – Singing – Christmas Carol Concert

Term 2 News

The children have loved reading our Guided Reading book, The Bubble Boy, this term which has sparked some interesting discussions. They have particularly enjoyed using the book to inspire their writing in English. They created some fantastic letters of persuasion and some wonderful repetitive poems.

In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and division, as well as length, perimeter and area. The children have enjoyed exploring new concepts with different resources.

Our big question in Geography was ‘how do maps help us find our way around?’. To answer this, the children looked at how Ordnance Survey maps use symbols, keys, grid references and contour lines. Using this and the eight points of a compass the children created their own walk of interest in the local area.

For the last 6 weeks, Harriers have enjoyed an hour of fencing in their weekly Wednesday PE sessions. These sessions were run by Neil from the Swindon Fencing Club. They were all awarded their Grade 1 and received their certificates in Collective Worship.

Year 5 were lucky enough to be visited by members of the Wiltshire Police Force to discuss Online Safety. The Police focussed their talk on gaming and social media. The children contributed to discussions, listened carefully to their advice and were then able to offer great suggestions to keep safe when looking at some scenarios.

This term, Harriers lead two Collective Worships. In November, they learnt all about Diwali and celebrated this by creating their own rangoli patterns and had great fun learning (and then teaching the school) some Diwali dance moves.

In December, the children were keen to get into the Christmas spirit and learnt and performed ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’ using Makaton signs. The children then celebrated their wider achievements: they demonstrated some of the fencing moves they learnt in PE, spoke about their Maths work this term and read some of their amazing poems. It was lovely to have so many children who were eager to share their work with the whole school.

Thank you to everyone who has attended. I know the children have loved sharing these with you. We look forward to welcoming you to our next class Collective Worship next term.

Term 1

Curriculum Overview

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organiser information/ how you can use them at home to support your child’s learning

Science – Sound

History – The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

Term 1 News

This term, Harriers have worked hard and really impressed me with their creative writing. They wrote a sequel to our focus text ‘The Lost Thing’ and I was really struck with how imaginative they were. I really enjoyed reading the end results. 

We have been using column method for addition and subtraction in maths and looked at exchanges. The children have shown resilience, particularly with exchanges in subtraction.

In Science, the children explored and learnt how sounds are made and carried out investigations, to discover the relationship between volume and distance and explored high and low pitch.

The children have loved learning about the Romans in History and are so knowledgable about the invasions.

“My favourite lesson was pretending to be Claudius (the Roman Emperor that successfully invaded Britain) and trying to persuade the Senate to let the Romans invade Britain. I was a part of the Senate and I loved it! I was very strict and had lots of fun making up questions to ask ‘Claudius’.” Jasmin

“We have been learning about the Romans and Celts. We learnt about how the Celts used blue woad to scare the Romans.” Connie

The children worked hard to learn and perform a Harvest Rap. Mrs Bushnell and I were so proud of how clearly they sang and how confidently they performed in front of an audience.



If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to come into school before or after the school day. Alternatively, you can message me directly on SeeSaw or email Ruthie in the office: office@kennetvalley.wilts.sch.uk