Achievement of Past Pupils

SATs Assessments
All children at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 6) undertake Standard Assessment Tests (SATs). At our school we try and make the experience as stress free as possible for the children by building the KS1 tasks into the normal timetable and ensuring that the KS2 children are as well informed as possible about what is expected of them and the targets they should reach.
Teacher assessment and SATs results have equal status. Teacher assessments may vary from SATs results because they are based upon a teacher’s knowledge of a pupil formed over a period of time in that subject, rather than a short, externally set tests.

2019 Key Stage 2 SATs Results

These results are based upon the 8 children that were in the cohort – 12.5% each.

% of children achieving expected standard or above SATs Results SATs – Average scaled scored 


Reading 38% 96
Writing (TA) 75% n/a
Maths 63% 101
Reading, Writing & Maths Combined 38% n/a
Average Progress Scores Reading