Our Curriculum is what connects our core values (Compassion, Curiosity and Courage) to our aspirations for our children. If our values are the roots of the tree, our curriculum is the trunk. At its heart sits our belief that though we are small, we have the potential to achieve great things. This core represents the learner at the centre of our curriculum. 

Around this, like the rings of a tree, are the layers of our curriculum. The first ring is made up of our three core values which shape not just what we do but how we do it too. The second ring is the ‘integrated curriculum’ those domains that we believe need to be taught to prepare our young people for the future. These aspects of the curriculum are taught through both PSHCE and other subject lessons, collective worship, play-times, lunch-times and other day-to-day interactions.

Our Core Subjects make up the third ring. Although the National Curriculum does not identify all five of these subjects as core, we believe that they are. As a church school, it is essential that our children learn about a range of Religions and World Views not only to understand their own place in the world, but also in order to understand how people’s beliefs come to influence so much else. In order to become independent learners, fluent application of  Maths, Reading, Writing and Computing knowledge is essential. Additionally, the disciplinary knowledge developed through primary science equips children with skills they can utilise across the curriculum.

The penultimate layer consists of the other subjects that we teach our children. Each of these is important in its own right, but they also provide opportunities for the children to apply their learning from the core subjects in new contexts. 

Finally, the bark of our tree is made up from all the extra-curricular opportunities we offer to enrich our children’s learning. 

Please follow this link to view our current curriculum statement and long term plans.

Curriculum statement and long term plans