Pupil Premium

Statement of Ethos & Values
The aim of the Governments pupil Premium Funding is to raise achievement among disadvantaged children. The targeted and strategic use of pupil premium will support us in achieving our stated vision.      

Our School Aim:learning in primary class

To offer all our children a challenging, creative curriculum, seeking the highest standards and developing a stimulating and secure learning environment, embracing Christian understanding of everyone’s needs and differences, achieved through effective communication and leadership.

Pupil Premium Information:

The Government introduced the pupil premium grant (PPG) in April 2011 to address the issue of “narrowing the gap” for socially disadvantaged children. The PPG is allocated to children who are eligible for free school meals, are looked after or come from an armed forces family.

Department for Education (DfE) guidance allows schools to spend their PPG as they think fit, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their allocation of PPG.

School Specific Factorshands on learning

At Kennet Valley C of E VA Primary School, we have a relatively small allocation of PPG. This is due to social and economic factors in the school’s location. In line with our Church of England foundation and ethos, we actively seek to promote the welfare of our most vulnerable children and aim to accelerate progress and moving children to at least age-related progress; initially this will be in Literacy and Numeracy.

The Pupil Premium Grant, Allocation and Impact 

Pupil Premium  Statement – 2023 2024


Pupil Premium Statement – 2021 2022


At Kennet Valley Primary School the following provisions have been funded  with PPG:

  • Music lessons which have a positive impact on enriching the learning and raising self-esteem for our most vulnerable children.
  • Trip & Visits which have a positive impact on enriching the learning available for our most vulnerable children.
  • Teaching Assistant Support – this might be through specific interventions or it might be in the classroom
  • ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) This helps children develop better self-esteem, better social skills etc through small group work or individual support
  • Teacher CPD with a focus on Metacognition and Self-Regulation.