The Winter Olympics start early at KVS

This week the children of KVS had an exciting opportunity to try out a completely new sport – New Age Kurling!

Every Wednesday afternoon the Children at Kennet Valley C of E VA Primary School in Lockeridge walk the short distance to the local village hall to have an afternoon of PE. Kennet Valley School’s oldest children in Years 4, 5 and 6 all took part in a competitive afternoon of this new sport, where teams of children battled against each other to win certificates and medals at the end of the day.

New Age Kurling is a fantastic adaptation of the original curling game and is ideal for playing in schools and at clubs by people of all ages and abilities.

Great fun was had by all involved and the children were fully engaged in learning the skills they needed to get as close to the centre of the target as they could.
The afternoon was organised by Mrs Jacqy McQue, who is the schools’ sports subject leader and was run by Charlie Wildman, who works for Avon Valley School as a Games Organiser. Charlie organises sports festivals for a local cluster of schools, as well as providing coaching in some schools as well.

Mrs McQue was really impressed by the afternoon, saying

“It was a great afternoon of sport for our children. They were all very engaged and clearly had a wonderful time. As a school we would like to say a huge thank you to Charlie for coming in to work with our children”.

Children in the school also agreed with Mrs McQue saying

It was great to try a different sport – I really loved the afternoon”, and “We had to really concentrate to learn the skills needed to get the stones as close to the centre of the target as possible – it wasn’t easy at all!

At Kennet Valley there is a shared ethos that PE should be enjoyed by all and to help with this, children are introduced to a wide range of different sports. The staff believe that the more sports that children try the more chance there is that they will find something that they love and want to pursue further.
Mrs McQue commented;

“Playing sports is proven to help with mental health for people of all ages. Throughout the year children have the chance to take part in netball, cricket, tag rugby, handball, dodgeball, gymnastics, athletics, and dance.
We hope that this allows children to find something that they love doing. We are so pleased to add New Age Kurling to the experiences that our children have had.”

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